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Okay, so turns out I lied. I will not be around tonight. I got sick overnight with a cold. Which really pisses me off; because I have work to start on. Thanks to the peeps who gave me fic requests. They will get done - just might take a little longer than I had planned on. I have everything already planned out though. So at least I can write in my paper notebooks while I get better. I’m going to try and keep up with my Dash on my phone. So hopefully I won’t be too behind when I come back. At least I’ll be spared the brunt of the ‘Supernatural’ apocalypse :b (no offense meant to the Brograms who like it).
Grrrr, such bad timing to get sick. =.=; But so very typical of my luck…
I hope everyone has been having a great week so far! :3

Okay, now that I posted my thing about requests I have got to go to bed. Way too much time was spent on the computer. The painnnn ;.;

I will see everyone tomorrow and hopefully get started on a fic or two. ^w^

Asker mydetheturk Asks:
I don't know why I didn't say this before, but Welcome to Tumblr! (and by association, Tronblr!)
korirua korirua Said:

Thanks so much for the welcome! It’s great to meet you. :3

Hey everyone! I was going to wait on this a little till I had gotten a bit more comfortable with Tumblr. But since you guys are so great I figured I’d be brave and just go for it.

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get any work done. So to get me back in the swing of things I’m going to open myself up to Tron fic requests.

Just send me an ask with what you would like and I’ll try to get right on it.

I will write just about anything. The exception being Alan/Sam or anything with Ed Jr. I am open to writing slash, femslash and het. Let me know what ratings you are comfortable with. I don’t want to scar someone with unwanted porn. I tend to write darkfic; so please let me know if you want something fluffy or you will get angst galore. I will also write for all areas of cannon. So Evo, Betrayal and Uprising are also great. I kinda love the challenge that rare pairings offer. So I wouldn’t mind some of those. If you have a specific prompt in mind let me know. I can’t comment on length of finished fic. You might get a drabble or a novella, it depends on how much the plot bunnies bite me.

It might take me a few days. But I will try very hard to deliver in a timely manner.

Thanks everyone!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

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welcome! Tronblr

Thanks, it’s so nice to meet you! I totally agree. Tronblr forever! :D

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I’m flattered anyone would remember me after a year. D’: I loved your fics and look forward to seeing what else you come…

Thanks so much for such a nice compliment. I’m flattered that you liked my fics since I admire your work so much. へ(゜∇、°)へ  I recently re-read RGSBOSH and it still blows me away (well, everything you write does). Too bad we never got to finish that conversation about the deep, dark, depths of depravity the sequel would have to sink to just to top it. I swear I am going to write that two part nice/evil foursome fic we were throwing ideas around for. Since it’s seems that it still hasn’t been done by anyone else (that I know of). Ahhh - good times… You can be reassured that your ask box will not go empty for long… :3

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Noone at all where i live and social circle likes Tron at all :/ I feel your pain. If i mention anything to do with the fandom they just put me down for it :( so I don’t even bother mentioning it out loud

Ah man, I’m sorry. It’s too bad Tron is so easily ridiculed by those who don’t really know what they are talking about (i.e. probably never seen it). I’m really sorry you feel so silenced about something you love. ::hugs::  I’ve managed to change the minds of a few friends. I made them watch Legacy and they thought it was cool. So they tolerate an occasional outburst. But no one is going to freak out and fangirl with me….

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this fandom (and tumblr,…my geekness for tumblr.

Hey! It’s great to see some new people are still finding this excellent fandom. I’m glad to meet you. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  I totally feel your pain about not letting the geekiness out in RL. But at least Tronblr is here for us.

I seem to keep typing ‘you’ when I mean ‘your'   s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ   Guess that's what 24 hours straight on the internet gets me…

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I would! Text posts don't tend to get as many notes as image posts - Tumblr seems to be a pretty visual thing - but it's still a perfectly fine way to archive your stories, especially since you can tag them and help their visibility. Commenting is a bit of a pain on here, as one needs to reblog the fic post in order to add anything to it (which means discussion in the form of threads like in AO3 or LJ is next to impossible), but again there are ways around it. I'd say do it. :D --winzler
korirua korirua Said:

Okay, perhaps I’ll do it in a little while. I kinda wanna get some new stuff up first. But thanks for you advice. :3